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Island Time:

In 2014 Vincent sailed to St. John on vacation, avoiding a Chicago winter! Realizing what a beautiful place St. John is he decided to start a life here, bought a boat to live on and started working!


Since arriving in the US Virgin Islands Vincent has held the position of chef at several restaurants:  Both Waterfront Bistro and Vista Mare at the same time, St. John Catering, and most recently at La Tapa. He also has done chef pop up nights at The Tamarind Court with Island Time Tacos and A Taste of India.

After the Hurricanes Irma and Maria Vincent found himself working with The Longboard and Cruz Bay Landing kitchens serving emergency Red Cross meals to 1000+ people a day, over the course of several months.

Work Ethic:

Coming from a fine-dining background drives the necessity for the best of ingredients available. From seeking out local fishermen on St. John, to working closely with Coral Bay Garden Center, to being found in the local markets picking up the best offerings to be found, we constantly seek excellence in our products and ourselves.

The nature of living on the remote island of St. John teaches us how to adapt to adverse situations, the power being out, deliveries not arriving, faulty machinery, etc. All this gives us the opportunity to innovate and overcome and expand our catering and personal chef abilities to serve our guests.

We take time to know that nothing is granted, this helps ensure our humility and graciousness when serving our guests. Every night is special and an opportunity to make memories, so we come with the desire to exceed expectations and give a unique experience that leaves guests wanting more!

All the little details make up the big picture. Being a very small and hands-on catering operation gives us the chance to focus on what is really important to our guests, and immediately react to guest feedback and suggestions to create truly excellent and detail-focused events.

Future plans:

We will continue to operate our St. John catering business, getting better as we go, all the while seeking out a small restaurant space to open for an intimate dining experience for our guests.

We are able to travel off-island with our events and will continue to be available to bring the hospitality and excellence of cuisine wherever we go. This has included the Hamptons, Miami, Chicago, Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as various charter boat operations, and we welcome new destinations!

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